Dott.ssa Giulia D'Ascanio

Translator - Interpreter - Language teacher

Interpreter work

I can help you master any type of spoken interaction by eliminating language barriers in your face-to-face and conference meetings. Please take a moment to decide the type of interpreting service you require:

Simultaneous interpreting:
Performed by 2 interpreters in a sound-proof booth. Ideal when speaking to large groups

Consecutive interpreting:
Ideal for short speeches, with the interpreter sitting beside the speaker, writing down notes and alternating with the speaker in delivering the speech in the target language

Chuchotage interpreting (whispering):
Ideal when there are a couple of foreign guests, the interpreter sits next to the listeners and whispers into their ears

Liaison interpreting:
Ideal in business meetings or negotiations; the interpreter mediates between people speaking 2 different languages without any conference interpreting equipment

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